Monday, August 29, 2011

Are You a Reader Or a Skimmer?

Do you think she's reading or skimming that newspaper?
When it comes to content, whether printed or on the web, there are two types of people, the Readers and the Skimmers. Which one are you? If you’re a Reader, most likely you thoroughly read blogs you enjoy and make it a point to post comments. You probably revel in replies to your comments and continually engage in blog conversations.

A Skimmer, on the other hand, might be a person who doesn’t have time to read blog posts in full and skims posts for interesting information. Skimmers probably don’t often leave comments because they are pressed for time.

If you have your own blog, which category do you feel most of your visitors fall in to? A great way to accommodate both the Readers and the Skimmers is to make your blog posts shorter and keep the content fun and informative without getting into too much detail.

You might want to:
  • Use bullet points (just like this one!)
  • Try out numbered lists
  • Add images throughout to keep visitors interested
  • Post questions or polls to engage visitors
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